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DVICIO visits Robinson! Puerto Rico

DVICIO visits Robinson!

Today at Robinson we received a visit from the Spanish pop group DVICIO! The band, founded in 2013, is visiting the island as part of their 2016 pre-tour. They are sharing with fans a sample of what’s coming up in their concert in Puerto Rico next summer. Students were very excited to listen to some of the band’s most famous pop songs live and, at the end of the show, they had the opportunity to meet the band members, take photos with them and get some autographs!

DVICIO is a five-member band who accomplished overnight stardom in Spain with their hit single “Paraíso”. The group is undoubtedly the next Pop-Rock sensation. For more information on DVICIO, visit their website: www.dvicio.com

A big thank you to DVICIO members, Andrés Ceballos Sánchez, Martín Ceballos Sánchez, Nacho Gotor, Alberto González (Missis), and Luis Gonzalvo, for visiting our school and for a spectacular presentation!

Enjoy the photos!

Enlace de la nota con todas las fotos :



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