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Battle of the New Boy Bands: CD9, Dvicio or CNCO? Vote!

ENLACE PARA VOTAR  POR DVICIO http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/latin/7461643/battle-new-boy-bands-cd9-dvicio-cnco-vote

Battle of the New Boy Bands: CD9, Dvicio or CNCO? Vote!

8/4/2016 by Griselda Flores

Alonso Villalpando, Bryan Mouque, Jos Canela and Alan Navarro of CD9 perform onstage during Telemundo's Latin American Music Awards 2015 at Dolby Theatre on Oct. 8, 2015 in Hollywood, Calif.
Mexican boy band CD9 re-entered Billboard's Social 50 chart this week (dated Aug. 13) at No. 33, a new high for the group, who recently premiered their new music video for "Déja Vu."

With more than 1 million followers on Twitter and 3 million on Facebook, the social-media-savvy boy band -- formed by Jos Canela, Alonso Villalpando, Freddy Leyva, Alan Navarro and Bryan Mouque in 2013 -- is part of the new generation of all-boy groups that are re-igniting boy-band fever and following in the footsteps of legendary bands like Menudo, Mercurio and Magneto.

This time around, boy bands like CD9, Dvicio and CNCO are definitely using the power of social media to their advantage to help spread their music on a global level, allowing them to reach the social-media-active millennial audience.

Spanish boy band Dvicio, with more than 2 million followers on social media (combining Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) ruled the Billboard + Twitter Emerging Artists chart with three singles: "Nada" featuring Leslie Grace, "Justo Ahora" and "Enamórate."

And let's not forget the Ricky Martin-handpicked boy band CNCO, whose debut single “Tan Fácil” hit No. 1 on the Latin Airplay chart and current single "Quisiera" is climbing the cart, currently at No. 28. Both "Tan Fácil" and  "Quisiera" reached the Billboard + Twitter Emerging Artists chart; "Tan Fácil" peaked at No. 15 and "Quisiera" at No. 3

Whether you're a CD9, CNCO or Dvicio fan, there's no doubt that the new boy-band generation is taking over, and like good millennials, the groups are taking full advantage of the social-media craze to get ahead of the game. So which one is your favorite new boy band? Vote below or add your favorite to the list:

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